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By Kay Hannaford

Who’s in your team?

You don’t have to play a team sport or lead a work team to have a team of your own. Or several teams.

Whatever role we play in life, we are it! An extraordinary creation, the one and only source of the unique spectrum of talents we offer to this world and as such, we are responsible for keeping ourselves operating at optimum performance.

When you think of it like this, it’s clear that we need to invest in ourselves. Despite the plethora of self-help books and advice available, we all need support and expertise from others to keep ourselves fit and well and maximise our gifts and talents so that we can serve others.

All humans have different dimensions – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – that need to be nurtured. When one or other of these is neglected we become out of sorts, stressed, discontented or unwell. This is where our teams come in.

I was reminded of this recently when I had back problems. My chiropractor recommended I see a pilates instructor to strengthen my core muscles. The daily exercise program she provided is invaluable, and it made me realise I need to add her to my ‘wellness team’. There’s a growing number of people I rely on regularly to help keep me fit and well: my doctor, dentist (who I consult far more regularly than I might like), skin specialist who keeps an eye on my moles, my yoga teacher, chiropractor, masseuse and now my pilates instructor.

This is just one of my teams. Having recently joined Intersect co-working group, my co-workers who share the space and services here have become important components of another – my ‘work team’. This team includes clients and champions – people who sing my praises to others – as well as those whose services support my work – mentors, legal and financial advisors, my accountant, cleaner and the car service people who keep me on the road.

My ‘social team’ spreads across the globe and comprises close and extended family members, old and new friends, social media friends, and neighbours who are a vital part of my local community.

Considering all the people we count on to be there for us when we need or want them, it’s humbling to see how much we take them for granted.

What to do? Show appreciation by acknowledging them for the role they play. A client told me yesterday how much he values our regular mentoring conversations as he navigates a major transition and builds a new business. I really appreciated that – and an email from a participant in a workshop I ran who tracked me down via my website to tell much how much he learned about mentoring. An old friend with whom I recently spent 3 days away sent a text thanking me for being her ‘perfect holiday mate’. It doesn’t take much yet it means the world to be acknowledged.

You might have different teams – a cycling or hiking team, a knitting or bridge team. Make a picture or list of your teams. This is a great way to bring gratitude to the fore and really appreciate these people and the value they add. Some may be in several teams. You might even have a ‘top team’. Your family? How do you show your appreciation and nurture these key people?

While you’re considering who is in your team, don’t forget that you are an important member of other people’s teams, too. Who counts on you? How do you measure up as a team member? How generous, available and reliable are you?

And what will you now do about that?

This post originally appeared on kayhannaford.com


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