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The growing popularity of co-working

We are loving the attention that co-working spaces are getting. There was a great piece recently on ABC Radio National presented by Geraldine Doogue as part of her Saturday Extra program. It is estimated there are 140 co-working spaces in Australia, of which Intersect is one. Co-working is gaining in popularity as a great solution for like-minded professionals to work together collaboratively, share resources and support each other. In his book, The Co-Working Revolution: Four Secrets to Successfully Working for Yourself, Matthew Dunstan highlights isolation and lack of support among very small businesses in Australia as some of the reasons behind the high failure rate in the sector. Dunstan believes co-working spaces offer benefits beyond access to internet connections, meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities: they allow people to form professional networks and operate collaboratively.

Read more about co-working and listen to some of the audio from Saturday Extra →


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