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Strengthening networks

Intersect is about relationships. So who better to demonstrate the power of these relationships than our recent member – Colindale.

Colindale is a Single Family Office who after 130 years in agribusiness and international trade has shifted to pursue and manage a diverse range of listed, property, private equity and resources exploration investments in Australia, Asia and Canada.

Colindale Managing Director, Andy Cosh, has known John Hood, co-founder of Intersect, for many years and they have often shared the benefits of their respective business experience and networks.

Colindale could be running between 5 – 10 deals and projects at any one time and is a regular user of external advisors to support their own team of five staff. The group has a saying ‘we work with people we like and trust’. So, when Colindale needed some assistance with a capital raising project, John made the connection to fellow Intersect member, SRG Partners who have now been engaged.

Colindale is a people-based organisation and continuously invests in like-minded relationships and partnerships. The philosophy is similar at Intersect where they also aim to attract competent, motivated and successful business people.

The SRG appointment is just a brief example of what happens when the right capability is immediately accessible. Both Andy and John are confident the move to Intersect will provide many more mutually beneficial business opportunities for their respective groups and others within the Intersect network.


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