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Movers and shakers at Intersect’s latest launch

More than 200 people from all sections of the SA business community recently came to the official launch of Intersect’s second Adelaide coworking space – Flinders Street.

Celebrating in style was the theme of the evening – a Veuve station helped to kick things off, and there was an Intersect cocktail (in Intersect orange, of course) for guests who felt they had sparkled enough. Craft beers from the Lord Nelson and Kangaroo Island sauvignon blanc from Momentum wines completed the picture.

The evening also marked the official launch of the Intersect Gallery, showcasing a stunning exhibition by Kangaroo Island photographer, Sean McGowan.  Outstanding music was provided by jazz bassist Lucinda Peters – and even our own resident ‘hare with headphones’ Bob was tempted to listen. For guests who were feeling creative themselves, a gigantic message board was on hand for inspirational messages.

Big thanks go to Nick Hannaford and Lovelovemia who put the event together, to Food by Annabel, and to Sector 7g for the arresting branding. Award winning photographer Lars Topelmann even visited from the US to take the photos.

Kathy Carruthers said that the evening reflected the great atmosphere at Intersect: “We do great business, and we know how to have a great time. Evenings like this remind you just what a vibrant community Intersect is.”


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