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If you’re noticing how much more complex the issues we face daily are becoming, you’re certainly not alone.

A recent study by IBM of 1500 global CEO’s highlighted ‘the escalation of complexity’ as the single biggest challenge confronting them.

The US army describes this operating environment as VUCA – Volatile (change occurs at a fast pace and on a large scale) Uncertain (difficult to predict the future) Complex (challenges are complicated by multiple, interdependent and often unknown factors) and Ambiguous (events can have multiple interpretations with little indication which is true).

VUCA is very evident in attempting to understand and deal with global issues like climate change, terrorism and the refugee crisis. In our own organisations, VUCA may not always be quite so obvious but the same issues are still there, if on a smaller scale.

So how are we to respond?

Clearly, mastery of traditional management knowledge and technical skills no longer guarantees today’s leaders either personal or organisational success. What’s required is both a new way to act and  a new way to think. And these have to be learned and practiced.

Andrew Stevens and award-winning author Diana Renner formed the Uncharted Leadership Institute earlier this year to help leaders and organisations operate more effectively in complex environments. They believe great leadership is about successfully navigating the uncharted waters beyond the edge of current competence.

I agree. As a newly appointed Associate of the Uncharted Leadership Institute, I am excited to be offering, with Andrew Stevens, a three month program ‘Leading in Complexity’ to introduce leaders to a this new way of thinking and acting.

We’ve designed ‘Leading in Complexity’ in bite-sized chunks which are highly engaging, practical and experiential in format. Three half day workshops (one per month) will cover the three key aspects of foundational understanding, advanced skills development and real-world application, including tools and techniques to make progress on complex challenges. Insights, understanding and new approaches will be further explored in three half-day group coaching sessions, conducted between workshops. Group coaching embeds learning, tests assumptions and builds connection, and trust and respect for self and others.

The first of these programs starts in Adelaide on 27 July. You’ll find details of session dates and registration fees under Programs on this website www.kayhannaford.com

If you, or anyone you know is interested in finding out more or joining us on this program (or a future one) please email me on kay@kayhannaford.com. You can find out more about Uncharted Leadership at www.unchartedleadership.com.au

It would be great to explore and navigate those uncharted waters with you.



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