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Intersect Gallery presents Nick Hannaford – Light, Colour, Shadow: Capturing Life in Paint

In this current exhibition at Intersect Gallery, Nick explores varied styles and techniques with mixed mediums that allow him the flexibility to portray moments of his life in paint in different ways. Inspired by Kangaroo Island landscapes, family, food, trips to Italy and even vivid dreams, Nick adapts his technique and use of paint to best interpret the subject matter at that moment. The use of quick, bold brush strokes are used to capture impressions of light as it changes minute by minute. In contrast, his finer more refined brush work (and even the use of decoupage & pencil drawing) can be seen in his still life and images of Italy where he invites the viewer to linger a little longer to discover the detail.

Nick also enjoys capturing other people’s life in paint, working with clients to create original artworks of their own favourite places, people or memories. He is also producing original works for commercial and public spaces.

The exhibition is on display until mid-September and is part of the SALA festival. Public viewing times are Fridays from 3-5pm with a SALA Meet the Artist public event on Saturday, August 20th, 2-5pm.

Artist Biography

Nick Hannaford spent most of his childhood on Kangaroo Island and produced his first painting at the age of 12 before he went on to be tutored by Ruth Tuck, Joe Caddy and his uncle Robert Hannaford. On a school trip to Melbourne to see a Claude Monet exhibition, Nick was inspired by Monet’s brush work and how he was able to capture the magic of light and colour. This inspiration continues to underpin many of his current works today. Nick has had both solo and joint exhibitions around South Australia and is a SALA alumni.

For further information, please contact curator, Lisa Topelmann-Weder (0422 995 177) or Nick Hannaford (0418 219 927)


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