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Exploring Property Development Opportunities

Collaboration between Intersect coworkers brings about many opportunities: it is often surprising what sitting down together and sharing ideas can achieve.

Intersect members John Irving (Dundee Consulting), John Hood (JH Advisory) and Guy Roberts (GR Advisory) met recently to pool their knowledge and contacts – and they quickly realised how many different shared business opportunities they could access by working together.  As a result, they are now assessing a number of commercial property development possibilities in South Australia.

John Irving and John Hood are no strangers to property development projects, and have jointly worked on a $52m property development in Gilberton, located on the old Channel 7 site.  This is a master plan project developed by a local consortium of established developers and builders. It provides an exclusive development of river homes, park terraces, lofts and apartments in one of Adelaide’s most prestigious suburbs. John Hood has been involved in capital raising activities, and John Irving is the Chair of an independent company appointed to oversee the joint venture.  So far nearly 60% of the available lots and units have been sold and they are well on the way to complete the development by December 2016.

Guy Roberts brings significant legal and corporate skills to the mix – completing a winning trio of property development expertise.  The next step for the three coworkers is to seek opportunities worth between $5m and $15m, and they have the ideal collective skill set to make it all happen.  Currently they are identifying target projects, before shortlisting, assessing and then progressing to capital raising.  They will be tapping into a range of additional Intersect members’ capabilities as well, including the financial modelling skills of Paul Twiss (Paarta Business Advisory), in order to bring their ideas to fruition.


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