Being ‘Always-On’; balancing work and productivity in the digital age.

Remote working is here to stay, but in the digital age of being ‘always on,’ it is important that we avoid burnout and manage low levels of productivity and motivation for both business owners and their employees. 

Advancements in digital technology and the adoption of remote-work means that we are now always online. It is assumed that we can answer emails …

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The Top 5 Benefits of Coworking: Collaboration at its best.

Working from home has its perks: no commute to and from the office, flexible working hours, and the choice to take the dog for a walk around the block between meetings. There can also be drawbacks such as feeling isolated and even a lack of connection. That’s where coworking comes in. A coworking space can provide the perks of working …

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August Inter-Broadcast

Welcome to the August Inter-Broadcast!

Welcome to our newest Inter-Member, Hirioke Watanabe from the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Adelaide (JCCI). Existing member of Intersect, Yoshiya from YT Legal, is on the board.

The Chamber is being established in Adelaide to further develop the strong ties between Japan and South Australia, aimed at focusing on tourism, renewable energy and space.

Pictured above …

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July Inter-Broadcast

Welcome to the July Inter-Broadcast!


Let’s Walk a Mile this August!

The Inter-Community is set to pound the pavement to Walk a Mile (and some) this August.

This fantastic initiative aims to raise awareness and much needed funds for homelessness in South Australia. Join us throughout the week of 7-13 August to get your milage in! The Intersect team will be heading out on …

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The Importance Of Prioritising Professional Connections & Relationships

Prioritising professional connections and relationships is key to building a solid network and sharing and gaining new perspectives.

This process doesn’t have to be awkward or take away from scheduled productive time. Many people are turning to work in a space where like-minded professionals can work on their separate ventures whilst sharing thoughts and ideas with others.

This low-pressure working solution means …

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