Anna Roussos had acute myeloid leukaemia but is taking on the Heysen Trail as part of a mission to ‘pay it forward’

ANNA Roussos was five months pregnant with her third child when she found out she had leukaemia.

Doctors told her she might only have two months to live. Her only chance of survival was to terminate her pregnancy.

So she made the impossible choice, and gave birth to her stillborn daughter, Mila.

Now, two years later, Anna, 35, wears a locket a on …

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May Broadcast

Welcome to Our New Members

We would like to welcome Ben Carruthers (Click@ Computing) to the Intersect membership.

Ben Carruthers clickcomputing@optusnet.com.au

Click@ Computing has been operating since 2003 and up until 2015 was a retail shop situated at Gilles Plains. Click@ Computing is now a mobile based I.T. solutions service, which enables us to come to you, whether that be at home or work.

Our …

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On Being Wrong

By Kay Hannaford


​I’ve been wrong about quite a few things lately. It makes a change from always being right and I’m quite enjoying it. I’m noticing a loosening of the reins, so to speak, as a result.

I can’t even remember what I was wrong about to illustrate my point. (Maybe they were insignificant matters, or perhaps the fact that I …

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Intersect Broadcast

Welcome back to the Intersect Broadcast. We hope 2018 is a very successful year for you and your business and, as always, we look forward to Intersect helping you in whatever way we can.

Welcome to Our New Members

We would like to welcome Abhishek Sharma (MindVision) and John Harvey (Direct Thinking) to the Intersect membership.

Abhishek Sharma abhi@mindvision.com.au

Abhishek is the Business Development …

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By Kay Hannaford

My mother recently celebrated her 100th Christmas and, two weeks later, her 100th birthday. (It took me a while to work out that she did have her first Christmas two weeks before her first birthday and that makes us all a year older than our actual age suggests).

When I say she celebrated this milestone, I should add that …

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