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A big win in education

Intersect members, Jane Jeffreys and Kathy Carruthers make a formidable team.  Soon after Jane joined Intersect in 2015, Carruthers Consulting and Jane Jeffreys Consulting joined forces and pitched for some significant strategic planning work in the education sector – which they won.

The two projects involved a substantial stakeholder engagement process, including a survey of thousands of stakeholders, and running workshops for the leadership team and Board.  The result were comprehensive strategic plans, and delighted clients.

Kathy is one of the founding members of Intersect.  Her vision for doing business in a better way is a founding principle of Intersect, and permeates her consulting work.  Since joining, Jane has found the Intersect brand at one with her own approach to doing business, with a clear focus on providing high quality work.  It’s therefore no surprise that the two teamed up to provide even better outcomes for their clients.

Individually, the two Adelaide businesswomen have decades of experience of working with Boards to deliver strategic plans.  The real magic comes from their complementary skills, which they discovered thanks to Intersect.  With Jane’s background of doing organisation reviews, mentoring, and working with Boards and Executive teams, and with Kathy’s business, finance, strategy and facilitation skills, they were able to pool strategic planning skills. It meant they could offer their clients different perspectives, and two heads rather than one also meant greater availability to meet deadlines.

Working in the education sector, with such diverse stakeholder groups, requires an ability to understand and match the operations with the leadership team – so the resulting strategy can be visionary as well as practical.  Jane and Kathy both have extensive previous experience in the education sector, providing valuable knowledge for their clients. This combination ensure they delivered on all counts and both are looking forward to more joint assignments.


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