William Bidstrup Data Management

I am a leader with international experience in the fields of workforce planning, direct marketing, business intelligence, data science, analytics, data platform engineering and data management.

I specialise in delivering products which drive business improvement using data, and I have worked with dozens of leading brands to achieve outcomes such as:

– Set up global workforce planning decision-making tools, teams and processes
– Harmonise operational data across entities to enable a global operating model
– Build and scale data platform products for enterprise advanced analytics and data science
– Increase top-line growth via enterprise Business Intelligence platform
– Reduce operating costs associated with manual and inefficient data preparation
– Establish data governance and security protocols across enterprise data
– Optimise spend to lift ROI on marketing campaigns

I seek collaboration with interesting and kind people, solving challenging and meaningful problems.

Even when I am not working with someone, you will often find me working at something. I write stories, design games, and make music to relax and learn. I’m obsessed with unlocking human creativity in business and applying scientific method to improve the quality of my work.


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