Virtual Ad Agency

Virtual Ad Agency is a full service advertising and digital agency…but with a twist…as they build the agency to fit the client rather than have the client fit the Agency. Their business model is virtual and transparent. They maintain low costs and great flexibility through maintaining no permanent in-house creative’s, production or multi-tier support staff. Instead they draw on a large panel of great talent as and when they need it, effectively building an Ad Agency to fit each client brief rather than having the client brief fit the Agency. This lets them create the agency that each of their clients need, and in turn this creates better value for everyone.

As a full service agency, they offer strategy and creative, they are a fully accredited and independent media agency and they do all this without the big costs normally associated with these services in big Agencies. And because their model is cost effective and transparent, they’re all about accountability and offer services well beyond the traditional Ad Agency including lead tracking technology that helps their clients keep account of advertising response across all media. They create the ads, book the ads, record every phone call, listen to every phone call and report back to you on how everyone performed along the way.

Virtual Ad Agency are at the leading edge of what marketing agencies will look like as advertising becomes increasingly accountable, and the traditional agency model becomes less viable. Their company is “Virtual” with no staff and a vast panel of industry specialists whom they bring to the table at every brief. They hand chose the right person for each brief to ensure the right outcomes are delivered for each client. In 2014 Virtual Ad Agency won the Telstra Business Award for SA Micro Business of the Year on the basis of this modern corporate structure.



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