Talent Academy

Talent Academy works on the ‘how’ and their training is tailor made to the clients’ needs. Using performing arts training techniques, their Speak Easy program is a must have in every corporate office Professional Development Plan. Sanja Jovanovic leads the charge in showing companies and individuals just how simple it is to improve their presentations… from ‘Boring to Brilliant’!! We all know there is a world of difference between speaking and communicating. And I’m sure we’ve all heard that age old statement “It’s not WHAT you said, it’s HOW you said it”.

Sanja is an experienced and engaging communicator with a rich background in performing arts and theatre. From her ballet experience to musical theatre, she has spent over 20 years on stage in some theatrical capacity. More recently, her qualifications in business management as well as a wide range of entrepreneurial courses and mentor programs has been the launchpad for her venture, Talent Academy.


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