Resume Smart

For a small investment, using any of the ResumeSMART services will markedly increase your chances of securing the position you are seeking. These benefits include:

  • Learning the steps to creating highly professional job application letters and resume which increases the likelihood of your application going into the Yes Pile for interviewing
  • Ensuring your online profile is effective (LinkedIn)
  • Mastering the skills necessary to always perform at a high level at interviews
  • Understanding your career options, preferences and strengths in order that your work is both personally satisfying and emotionally rewarding
  • Finding solutions to cultural challenges especially when English is your Second Language or you have recently migrated to Australia

Core Services

  • Resume & Job Application Letter Assessment Tool
  • LinkedIn & Social Media Profiling
  • Interview Techniques Coaching
  • Career Assessment & Strengths Profiling
  • Fast Tracking your Australian English

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