LeadingHR is a specialist consultancy that helps businesses solve people-related problems.

When people issues are holding a business back, LeadingHR provides the experience and the tools to solve the problem, giving leaders peace of mind and letting them get on with running the business.

Jonathan Bands, Director of LeadingHR, is an experienced Executive Coach and has held senior Human Resources leadership roles in Australia and internationally. Jonathan’s clients describe him as a key element in helping them solve problems to achieve great results. Perhaps even the HR team to have when you don’t have an HR team!


LeadingHR can help when:

  • Your HR team needs a little support, perhaps to improve the way they operate, to have an investigation conducted professionally and independently or simply a safe pair of hands to help through workload peaks.
  • Your key processes (e.g. workforce planning, talent management, attraction, retention, career development, leadership development, remuneration strategy and employee relations) are out of date or not yet in existence.
  • You have individuals or leaders who will benefit from an experienced external Coach to help them radically improve performance.
  • You need to deliver HR projects requiring experienced, practical expertise.


In short:

LeadingHR provides the people solutions you need when you need them – because even the best businesses sometimes need a hand.


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