Kay Hannaford

After more than 10,000 hours of mentoring and coaching, Kay loves supporting leaders in their personal and professional development. Her rewards are always her clients’ successes – from simply seeing things in new ways to achieving major victories.

Few people are fortunate to do something for a living that they really love. That’s why Kay called her business Thank God It’s Monday.

With a background in education, media and communicationshe has worked in the public sector, her own businesses, as a senior executive in a global company and as a director on a number of Boards.

Kay is an accredited counsellor, facilitator, art therapist, emotional Intelligence practitioner, executive coach and mentor.  As an Associate of the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney, she coaches and conducts coach training on IECL’s behalf.

Her clients are senior executives and leadership teams across a broad range of sectors in Australia and overseas. Partnering with leaders in ways that enable them to free themselves from their own limitations, create new possibilities and achieve the results they want is, for Kay, a great privilege.  


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