Jessamyn McLachlan


Felt was founded by wine marketer and hospitality industry professional Jessamyn McLachlan in 2015.

After a background that traversed family business, wine marketing, hospitality, craft beer and wholefoods; it became glaringly obvious to her that communications for small business needed to centre around their own unique stories. Ultimately an engaging and (more often than not) affordable marketing strategy to adopt. And once set to a clear framework, not impossible for business to run in house.

Jess’s drive was always to be high touch, a brand counsellor if you will.

Having run and grown up in small business herself, she was well aware of how the many small jobs pile up in a day – making it hard to find the time to action brand communications via channels like social media. Indeed that there were times within the framework of running a business that it was hard to ‘see the wood for the tree’s’.

Her intention was to create a service that would work in synergy with current marketing efforts and enhance overall recognition and engagement for a brand. And ultimately, make life easier for the business operator. To get in contact or find out more please head to her website.



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