BlueRocke Investment Advisors

Dev Sarker is the principal of BlueRocke Investment Advisors, a wholistic financial advice provider. BlueRocke works with business owners and wealth accumulators to show them how to plan for their retirement should they live too long, die too soon or become disabled along the way. He specializes in using international investments models.

He is of the view that while longevity is a blessing, it needs to be matched with good saving and investment disciplines, so that a lifetime of effort is not squandered. Further, busy business owners tend to forget, that their business valuations may drop, when they retire or if their retirement date in brought forward by injury and hence at times ignore taking early action to protect themselves and their families.

Dev is an FCA (ICAI), ACA (ICAEW) and MBA (London) with over 20 years of experience with US/UK based banks. He has worked in India, Singapore, The Philippines and Oman before returning to Adelaide in 2012.  Prior to starting Bluerocke, he was Chief Financial/Audit Officer of a listed bank and later of a Sovereign Wealth Fund in the Middle East.

He is an avid footy fan, who is yet to recover from the Crows Grand final performance, last year. One of his life time goals, is to get to a single handicap in golf, but admits that that is looking increasingly unlikely.

More information about BlueRocke can be found on their website www.bluerocke.com  and on Dev’s linked in profile linkedin.com/in/drsarker .


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