Amanda Sheedy Consulting

Amanda Sheedy

Neuroleadership Coach & Change Specialist

Amanda is a skilled consultant and facilitator specialising in change management, culture change, business improvement, project management, coaching and developing others.

Over the last 30 years Amanda has worked with both private and public organisations across diverse industry sectors including defence, mining, utilities, financial and insurance, with a proven track record in leading large scale and complex business transformation, technology implementation and culture change programs.

Her enthusiasm for change and innovation is complemented by her integrated and authentic approach in understanding organisational culture, systems and process culminating in the delivery of measurable cost savings and efficiencies.

A key strength is Amanda’s ability to execute strategic change and program outcomes enhanced by her skill to intuitively foresee and remove obstacles by rapidly building and fostering strong internal and external relationships.  Amanda delivers faster adoption, higher utilisation and greater proficiency of changes impacting organisations and their people with a clear focus on the benefits and outcomes.

As a neuroleadership coach Amanda’s passion is her success in working with teams and individuals to identify and enhance strengths, qualities and capabilities to deliver successful outcomes resulting in optimised decision making, creativity, innovation and individual growth.

As a highly driven individual, Amanda’s motivation comes from her ability to make a difference, working with organisations to create constructive, resilient and agile environments, coaching and developing teams and individuals to realise all change is possible.


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