United Focus

United Focus provides independent, expert digital advice to help organisations make sense of the Digital Age – how to use the Web, social media and mobile devices to stay relevant to customers, improve productivity and stay competitive through innovation.

Relevancy to customers:

They work with their clients to make sure that their websites, apps, and use of social media are customer-friendly. They advise on how to make it easy for customers to do business with you online. They review websites, apps and use of social media and identify how to make them more relevant to your online customers and easier for you to manage.

Productivity and reducing the cost to serve:

They look at business processes, marketing strategies and management practices to see how digital solutions, such as mobile devices, apps for staff and the cloud, could bring about internal efficiencies, reduce the cost of doing business and free up staff from doing procedural tasks so they can spend more time on improving customer service. It costs AUD$19.90 to serve a customer in person over the counter, AUD$6.60 by phone and AUD$0.40 cents online (source: Deloitte Access Economics) …  so which service channel do you want customers to use?

Competitiveness through digital-led innovation:

If you’re not innovating and transforming the way you do business in this Digital Age, you’ll find it hard to compete with those that are. And your competitors aren’t always who you think they are – just ask Kodak, taxi drivers and hotel owners. United Focus reviews organisational digital maturity and culture of innovation, their business model and advise what they should stop doing, what to change and what entirely new things they should be doing, and how to implement change.


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