TAIM Investments Pty Ltd

TAIM Investments is a boutique investment management company founded in 2007 that manages a range of unit trusts investing in blue chip Australian listed equities. Over the past 4 years TAIM has operated two small-scale funds, which have delivered spectacular gross performance to the end of FY2017 (independently verified by Robinsons Chartered Accountants). The AU Weekly No 1 (unleveraged) Fund achieved a gross return of 19.8% per annum over its 2.5 year life to June 30th, while the AU Weekly No 2 (leveraged) Fund achieved a 33% annual gross return over 4.4 years.

In September 2017 TAIM launched two new funds, the TAIM ASX200 Momentum Fund and the TAIM ASX200 Leveraged Momentum Fund.

Peter Harriss – Managing Director


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