SULLIVAN Consulting

SULLIVAN Consulting are specialists in Recruitment Services, Advertised Recruitment and Strategic Human Resources and was founded to break the mould of the traditional recruitment agencies. They combine the strength of experience with the freshness of a new approach.

As a privately owned business, SULLIVAN Consulting has the flexibility and the agility to think beyond the conventional wisdom of their industry. They strive to deliver faster results for their clients, every time.

They have over 15 years’ experience in the recruitment and executive search industry, and they believe that the industry needs to serve its clients better. They find people who will change your business and make it grow. Dynamic people who will add new dimensions to your organisation.

They recognise that every client and every assignment is different. They align themselves closely with our clients’ interests both in terms of fee structure and working methodology. They’re also happy to offer unbundled services to suit client needs.

With a select group of clients in each sector, they have fewer conflicts of interest than our competitors. They know the right person for you may not be in the same industry, state or even on the same continent. Wherever they are, they’ll find them.

SULLIVAN Consulting are a paperless and digital recruitment agency with a strong focus on communities — supporting them, partnering with them and recruiting for them.


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