Kevin Tutt

Kevin Tutt is a coach, mentor and consultant.  Partnering with leaders, management teams and organisations, he advises, facilitates and empowers people to discover and implement revolutionary change.  With a focus on transforming organisations from the inside out, through strategic analysis and leadership intelligence, Kevin recognises that organisations are measured not only by financial prosperity, but also by having balance, contentment and organisational health.

Kevin has extensive knowledge in leadership and business development in educational environments across Australia. Most recently he was Headmaster of Prince Alfred College in Adelaide, and is currently Chair of the Australia Cambodia Foundation – a community development program operating Sunrise Cambodia at four sites in Cambodia.

Kevin offers the following services:

  • Coach, mentor and consultant – focussing on success through organisational analysis, business intelligence and strategic planning to create a clear strategy
  • Leadership development – ensuring that every level of an organisation fosters leadership and creates a leadership culture
  • Advisor – offering strategic input for more effective decision making
  • Vision, mission and branding – conducting a brand audit to develop a vision, mission and values
  • Change and review – reviewing organisations from an original perspective and focussing on key areas of change.

Kevin also runs a number of workshops, seminars and programs for the education sector including the Future Principals Program and the Innovative Schools Forum.


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