Global Aquatica

Global Aquatica is the only company in the world that can totally eradicate acidic, sulphate and metal contaminated water.

Global Aquatica’s BioAqua total solution:

No operating cost. Instead BioAqua produces revenue from your waste water!

  • Converts the acid into a drinking quality water.
  • Does not import chemicals or produce stored toxic wastes.
  • Eradicates the acid producing waste rock that contaminates the water.

We provide the complete solution including design, build, installation and commissioning of the acid rock drainage treatment plant. We also provide regular servicing by experienced technicians, monitoring by experienced water engineers and a complete engineering capability should water chemistry or flow rate change over time.

With its passion for engineering excellence and environmental sustainability, Global Aquatica has established world’s best practice in mine drainage treatment.


Chris Krotiris & Sam Costin


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