comRE Services

comRE Services ( is a faster, more efficient and independent system of selecting, appointing and managing Commercial & Industrial (C&I) real estate agents for big or small jobs, and its free to use. It’s an integrated, cloud-based platform, rather than the traditional, mainly manual, disjointed method. By using comRE, C&I Vendors, Lessors and Transaction Managers – such as liquidators, receivers, mortgagees in possession and independent client representatives – can streamline their operations with the latest technology.

You simply place an outline of your sale or leasing job on the secure comRE site, then establish a shortlist of up to three agents, selected by you, to pitch for your job. You can invite agents you already know, search the comRE database of agency firms, or a combination of both.

Once you have selected and appointed an agent or agents, you can activate all or some of the comRE platform’s inbuilt Management and Communication tools, including:

  • Tasks Schedule,
  • Pre-launch Document Vault,
  • Process Schedule (Gantt Chart),
  • Agents Progress Reports Register,
  • Draft Marketing Material Vault,
  • Budget Tracker

At any time, you can access your own unique ‘dashboard’ to view the real-time status of your job, or, if you have more than one job, a consolidation of all your jobs on the platform.

Clients and agents can take advantage of probity protocols and risk management functions built into the comRE platform.

The time-saving and efficiency attributes of the comRE platform should reduce the ‘time to market’, which again benefits both clients and agents.

In summary, comRE is a new PropertyTech platform that will no doubt find favour with progressive organisations and individuals that are looking for a more effective and risk adverse way of selecting, appointing and managing C&I sales and leasing agents.


Phil Duval


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