Chatham Capital Exchange

Australia’s leading investment facilitation specialist

Chatham Capital Exchange connect business owners and professional advisers who wish to dispose of a business or seek investment, with capital investors wishing to invest in or acquire small-medium sized businesses across a range of industries nationally.

Focussed on Australian medium to large private and unlisted public companies, Chatham Capital Exchange exists to facilitate the movement of capital between investors and those seeking investment.

Clients range from those seeking a full or partial exit from a family or privately owned business, to successful enterprises who wish to realise part or all of the value of their operation, to those who are seeking or offering alternate opportunities in unlisted investment structures.

Chatham Capital Exchange has a group of exclusive members who are traditionally introduced through trusted professional networks, ensuring participants know that other members (both buyers and sellers) are “pre-qualified” and in a sound position to enter into discussion and negotiations.


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