Acumen Ventures

Since inception, Acumen has focused on building the leading enterprise technology fund in Australia and South East Asia.

They are a passionate about backing the next generation of ambitious entrepreneurs building enterprise-focused companies transforming corporations at the marketing and technology layer.

Technology is increasingly critical across all components of the enterprise, not just the IT department. Coupled with professionals moving through the corporate ranks whose lives are permeated by tech and who expect and demand best of breed tech tools under their control for running their business.

Increasingly, they see opportunities for new companies to offer solutions to individual staff and business unit managers as they gain more responsibility for buying decisions and cloud/SaaS enables simpler delivery and lower implementation risk.

Their team have built and funded technology companies in Australia, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong and China, including multiple trade sales and IPOs. Their global experience and networks in enterprise markets helps our portfolio companies navigate international growth.

Prior to founding Acumen, their venture capital experience spans more than 20 years, managing over $200 million across three funds, investing in Australia, Singapore and the USA.


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